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Alukas providing rare & beautiful items sourced both locally & globally.

Our Story

” Redefining Elegance in Gold and Fashion”

Welcome to IG Kart, where elegance meets convenience in the world of online shopping. At IG Kart, we take pride in offering a curated selection of exquisite gold jewelry and fashionable clothing to adorn your lifestyle. Our journey began with a passion for providing a seamless and delightful shopping experience for those who appreciate the timeless beauty of gold and the latest trends in fashion. We understand the significance of jewelry in expressing individuality and the power of clothing in making a statement.

With a commitment to quality and authenticity, we source the finest gold pieces and fashion ensembles to bring you a collection that reflects both sophistication and contemporary style. At IG Kart, we strive to redefine online shopping by combining the allure of precious metals with the allure of fashion-forward designs. Join us on this journey of self-expression and indulge in the artistry of our meticulously curated gold jewelry and clothing. Experience the luxury of IG Kart, where every piece tells a unique story of elegance and grace.

Our Mission

“Our mission at IG Kart is to curate and deliver exceptional gold jewelry and fashion that transcends ordinary elegance. We are dedicated to providing an authentic and seamless online shopping experience, empowering individuals to embrace their distinct style and make lasting memories with our meticulously crafted collections. IG Kart is committed to fostering a community where beauty, quality, and customer satisfaction are paramount.”

Our Vision

“At IG Kart, we aspire to be the go-to destination for those seeking sophistication in gold jewelry and fashion. Our vision is to redefine elegance, offering a curated blend of timeless traditions and contemporary styles, empowering individuals to express their unique identity with confidence.”

Responsible and Sustainable Development

Happy Customer

At IG Kart, customer happiness is our ultimate success. We take pride in curating collections that delight and inspire. Your satisfaction is our driving force, and every smile is a testament to our commitment to quality and exceptional service. Thank you for choosing IG Kart, where your happiness is our priority."

Free Shipping

At IG Kart, we make shopping even sweeter with free shipping on all orders. Because we believe in adding a touch of convenience to your elegance. Shop with us and enjoy the luxury of complimentary shipping, our way of saying thank you for choosing IG Kart.

Made With Love

At IG Kart, every piece is made with love. From the delicate details of our gold jewelry to the trendy flair of our fashion items, each creation reflects our passion for craftsmanship. Choose IG Kart and embrace the love woven into every piece we offer.

The Leader Board Of Our Company

Nimrod Barshad


Claude K. Amadeo

Sales Director

Linda M. Dugan


Mark Pocket

Product Manager
igkart is my favourite store
Great products and designs and such great quality, they always wash up well no matter how many times I wash them.
- Donald Duclk
Beautiful products
Beautiful clothes. I always get complements. Good quality and items wash well. products and designs and such great.
- Niamh Oxley
Lovely products
Great products and designs and such great quality, they always wash up well no matter how many times I wash them.
- Mary Green
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